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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Peer Mediation WorkShop

On April 30th, 2009, some peer mediators from Hialeah Gardens High had a chance to go to Westland Hialeah High School to be trained to peer mediate. I got a chance to go to this workshop. Even though I had been a peer mediator the previous year this workshop refreshed my mind on what I learned. Also I learned some new techniques. Today in the workshop Ms. Tamika was the speaker and she talked with us about mediation, confidentiality, communication skills, resolutions, different type of conflicts, and finally the definition of conflict.
We also participated in some activities such as writing what was our point of view on different conflicts teenagers face and writing some solutions for these conflicts. We also shared our point of view of the difference between court and mediation and we practiced paraphrasing. Finally, we got into a group of four, made up a conflict and two peer mediators practised mediating the problem.
The day was very fun and interesting. This made me realize that I do want to make a difference in our school and that’s why I want to become a Peer Mediator of Hialeah Gardens High School.
Last but not least, a special thank you to Coach Binder/Trust Counselor, Mr. Napoles, and Ms. Nadel.

P.S. Thank you Ms. Nadel for today =] Also, the significance of this picture was because as gladiators we do care for our school and that is why some of us decided to be Peer Mediators.
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